Ok girls, you’ve got your tickets, outfits, hats and hair all sorted. Champagne breakfast and limos booked, cameras, cash , cards and berroccas all ready… so now it’s time to take the reins, saddle up and turn out the most exquisite, flawless fillies possible. May 6th and Ladies Day at Chester Races is a pinnacle in the Cheshire social calendar and hot on its heels comes the thrilling polo season bringing endless fun and excitement to all involved. With the recent drama of extended Easter holidays and volcanoes, it’s hard to believe that May has already romped in but yes, it’s here, and if you want
to feel one of the ‘Beau Monde’ then full preparation is vital!

Firstly, take a long, hard look at yourself and decide what it is, if anything, that you would like to improve on…

* Does your skin lack lustre?
* Do you feel dry, lined and dull?
* Are breakouts and congestion a problem?
* Is sagging skin or cellulite getting you down?
* Have thread veins sprouted from nowhere giving you a constantly flushed appearance?
* Does that hard skin on your heels need attention?

And what happened to your nails? They used to be so long and strong? If one or any number of the above (please don’t say all) are cause for concern do not despair; with a little TLC they can easily be rectified. So, time to hot foot it to your favourite salon, get under starters’ orders and thunder home.

Top 10 Checklist for Cheshire Glitterati at Loved are:

  1. Eyebrow shaping/threading – essential!
  2. Waxing or IPL hair removal – improves body confidence tenfold!
  3. Endermologie/lipo massage – amazing results for body contouring in only a few short sessions.
  4. Microdermabrasion – probably the simplest, most straightforward treatment in the salon. But boy, does it give great results!
  5. Deeply nourishing and plumping anti-ageing facials – Elemis Visible Brilliance – fantastic to restore skin radiance and clarity.
  6. Body polishing – Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow – simply fab! As is the Loved Signature Back Treatment for luminous, ‘glowing with health’ skin.
  7. Luxury pedicure – for incredible transformation of tootsies.
  8. Bio-sculpture nails – weightless, flawless, immaculate nails.
  9. Spray tan – another essential – and take no chances – have it done professionally.
  10. Make-up – Bare Escentuals – Beautiful, long lasting, even coverage – if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time you did!

Check out our Summer Sizzler packages for greater affordability. The most essential thing is that you FEEL great, whatever you do big or small – happiness is what it’s all about!

Confidence is so important, so be prepared, feel the very best you can, then get out there and have a blast. Remember – life is only as good as you make it!
Have fun!