So rang the words of the First Class Purser, Olivia Dupois, during one of my first ever flights as cabin crew with British Airways en route to San Francisco.

Aged 21, I was hugely impressed by this woman – she was the epitome of elegance and effortless beauty, intelligent, witty, ageless and so astonishingly worldly wise!

Oh, for the naivety and innocence of youth! That was then… but now, a few years down the line and with enough life experience to potentially write my own book, as I’m flicking through old photos, the words of Olivia Dupois float back. And it ironically occurs to me that as well as spending copious amounts of money on legal eagles I now find myself relentlessly pursuing the latest cutting edge beauty techniques and procedures to provide the women of Cheshire with ways to look and feel the very best they can!

Who would have thought it? That flamboyant advice clearly registered somewhere. . .

If statistics are to be believed and one in three marriages end in divorce, and if indeed Black Tuesday is upon us (well actually not so black for the matrimonial lawyers now heading into their most lucrative time of year) then in the echoing words of Olivia… ladies it really is time to invest in your most important and valuable asset –YOU!

True to say, we all feel our most confident when we look our best. Confidence gives energy and raises self-esteem. A healthy, positive mind and body really is the secret when facing life’s challenges. It allows you to reframe situations, give them a more positive slant and often effortlessly overcome them.

So where do you start? That’s where we come in! We will help you find the very best, most effective beauty programme ever. Visit us at Loved for a sioscopy skin imaging consultation, where in complete privacy we can determine the exact state of your skin health and design the perfect action plan exclusively for you.

Time available, budget and treatment preference are all considered, together with extensive explanations of how and why procedures work, providing realistic expectations and guaranteed results!

From body contouring and cellulite removal to wrinkle reduction, photo rejuvenation thread vein and hair elimination – we cover all anti-ageing treatments to allow you to regain your youthful appearance. You can drop into our monthly clinic for advice on botox, dermal fillers or Thermage by Dr Phillip Connell of Harley Street, or visit our mole scanning clinic for an immediate diagnosis on the nature of any worrying moles (supported by Dr John Ashworth a leading skin cancer specialist).

For relaxation we offer every type of massage from Thai, Hot stones, Balinese and Deep tissue and we specialise in both the luxurious Elemis spa therapy and the sensational Swiss oxygenating skin care from Karin Herzog.

It’s the beginning of a new year, a new decade and a new you! So if you are going through tough times, take control, kick out the fear and look forward with excitement and exhilaration to the wealth of wonderful opportunities and experiences awaiting you.

Don’t battle on alone… make an appointment and feel Loved!

It’s what we’re here for…

Love, Helen